Leong Leevern

“It was being recommended by few of my friends and most of them gave good feedback on this programme, therefore I wanted to give my child a try.

My boy started when he was 7 months old, he was able to recognize colours and shapes at the age of 2, then slowly car logo before the age of 3. It was amazing. This year, he’s turning 7, I do not need to worry on his school homework, Chinese spelling, English spelling or even Malay spelling. He could study by himself and memorize them within a short time.

While my second child, Leevern had started with Heguru when she was 6 months old. She’s now 18 months and can sing most of the nursery rhymes that she listened before.

Heguru had helped them a lot. Both of them are very good at communicating with us at their very young age. They could learn things very fast and able to listen to instructions well. Besides, they have a good memory which I think it’s important in the learning journey. Overall, I feel that they are matured at their age. Thanks to Heguru, my kids enjoy learning in Heguru programme.” – Leevern’s Mom

Leong Leevern

1 year old (Joined since Apr 2018)