Lived in ‘FAIRYTALE’ of HEGURU Annual Dinner 2016

The Heguru Malaysia hosted its 2016 annual dinner at The Spread, The Gardens Hotel on Sunday, December 18th. The auspicious night had been spent in the company of great people of not only the HQ Mid Valley staff, but also from the Heguru branches which are Puchong, Damansara, and Penang.  The most interesting part for this year annual dinner is that we have decided to have a fancy theme which is ‘FAIRYTALE’. Most of the Heguru family were dressed in the themed that evening. We have the Red Riding Hood, Maleficent, Dracula, Fairy, Witch, and many more fairytale character.

Further, in order to spread the spirit of goodwill and happiness, we have special performances, exchange gift session, lucky draw, games, and the highlight part is that the Best Outfit Award. It such an amazing fairytale night! The evening was made possible by the hard work from the committee members and the support from all Heguru staff. The annual dinner was filled with high energy and excitement. We hope that all the staff will continue to support the event in the future.