However, soon she realized it wasn’t her true passion. Alongside her duty as a mother, she fell in love working with children. Later on, she pursued her studies with a diploma in early childhood education. She loved every moment of her being a mother and truly realized this was her passion in life. She finds her work meaningful and glad that she can help children improve. Then, in 2004, she established a Montessori based nursery with the aim of spending more time with her child. She soon realized that she could provide more to the children. As she experienced learning difficulties by herself, she wished to help children to be able to learn faster and easier. She strived to improve and injected a new learning approach in education. This is where the Heguru vision started.Part of busy life in Klang Valley, the first “Heguru Education Laboratory (M) Sdn Bhd”, also known as Heguru Malaysia opened its doors in April 2009. It took almost one year of preparation for Ms Yuly and her proficient team of experts from the various field before it’s finally opened. Through the years, Heguru grew alongside with another 4 more centres in Malaysia. She believed this new learning and teaching approach helps children to reach their potential so they have the ability to face life’s challenges. She feels happy when she sees this tailored made programme has created a unique early childhood education designed to meet the needs of children of all ages and abilities. Find Out More

What is the HEGL Method?