Imagine your child as a superhero with an array of superpowers! Curiosity, self-motivation, open-mindedness, effective communication, and the list goes on. These are just a few of the amazing traits a love for learning can give your little one. Together, they create a dynamic child who finds pure joy in the adventure of learning! How pleasing does that sound?

But the real adventure is in how we nurture this love for learning. That’s where the Heguru Method swoops in with its unique blend of teaching approach. Well… you can think of it as the secret recipe to create lifelong learners who are not only smart but also emotionally savvy, adaptable, and eternally hungry for knowledge!


Basic Zone: the fundamental area of development in the first 3 years of a child’s life

According to the Heguru Method, instilling a love for learning in children involves a holistic approach that centers on developing the ‘Basic Zone’ as the foundation. We believe that by nurturing this fundamental area of development, children can cultivate a deep and lasting passion for learning. But what exactly is the Basic Zone? It encompasses four key areas: heart and mind, endurance, concentration, and imagination. Now, let’s delve further to understand their significance!

First up, we have the heart and mind –  which we view as the building blocks for children’s development. Fostering a child’s heart and mind means nurturing both their emotional well-being and intellectual curiosity and that both should be developed from a young age. When children feel loved, valued, and emotionally secure, they become more open to learning. Heguru grasps the importance of this concept which is why we are dedicated to providing a supportive and caring environment that inspires your child to explore and engage with enthusiasm.

Moving on, endurance – not the kind you need to run a marathon, but the kind that helps your child bounce back from challenges. Picture them as little superheroes in training, building resilience and perseverance to tackle anything that comes their way. This endurance instills a “never give up” attitude, which is vital for a love of learning. It teaches children that learning can be a journey filled with obstacles, but the effort and determination to overcome them lead to growth and achievement.

Next up is the power of concentration –  a vital skill in learning. It enables children to focus their attention on tasks, absorb information effectively, and engage deeply with their studies. A child who can concentrate is more likely to enjoy the learning process as they can fully immerse themselves in the subject matter. This is what Heguru aims to improve through our unique activities in class.

And last but not least, we have imagination – which fuels creativity and curiosity. It allows children to think beyond the confines of textbooks and explore the world in their unique way. When children can use their imagination in their learning, it transforms lessons into exciting adventures, making them more inclined to love learning.

Heguru holistic approach: transforming learning into an engaging adventure

Now that we’ve explored the crucial role of Basic Zone development, let’s jump into the exciting part – discovering how Heguru integrates all these key areas into its teaching approach, sparks the love for learning, and turns it into an adventure! 

Early exposure

Heguru Right Brain Programme starts early, targeting children as young as 6 months old to tap into their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. Early exposure to stimulating activities and information ignites a lifelong love for knowledge

Parental involvement

Remember how we talked about creating a nurturing environment earlier? Well, in our infant and toddler programmes, we take it a step further by actively encouraging parents to be a part of their child’s learning adventure. With parents deeply engaged in their child’s journey, our classes become a supportive and inspiring space!

Positive reinforcement

What sets Heguru classes apart is our unique ability to motivate, encourage, and elevate the learning journey for children. Positive reinforcement, including praise and various forms of encouragement, plays a pivotal role in Heguru classes as it serves as a means to acknowledge children’s efforts and achievements, thereby reinforcing their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Multisensory learning

Heguru class incorporates age-appropriate sensory experiences from visual to auditory, and kinesthetic, which help to enhance various aspects of children’s development such as motor skills and memory abilities. This approach not only creates an enriching and immersive learning environment but also ensures that learning is both enjoyable and memorable. This is achieved through a diverse range of engaging and educational activities, making the learning process not only effective but also fun for the children involved.

High-speed flashcards

Rapid exposure to information using high-speed flashcards encourages children to process and retain information quickly. This approach not only maintains their curiosity and engagement but also effectively enhances their memory power.


So all in all, if you want to equip your child with the ultimate skills and mindset for a lifelong adventure in learning and success, the Heguru Method is your golden ticket!