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Japan’s largest right brain development school for children, Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) is proud to present its first overseas Heguru Centre within the heart of Kuala Lumpur – offering a golden opportunity for every parent to unleash their child’s true potential through an extensive, uniquely-designed brain enrichment programme.

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Heguru Programme


(6 months to 2 years old)

Golden period to develop children’s right brain!

Preschool 1

(4 years old to 5 years old)

Right brain imagines while left brain executes!

Preschool 2

(6 years old to 7 years old)

Superb balancing between the right and left brain!


(8 years old and above)

Holistic engagement of the right and left brain!

Benefits of Heguru Programmes

  • Providing Love and Affection

    In Dr. Paul Mclean’s evolutionary triune brain theory, he proposed that the human brain was in reality three brains all rolled into one.

  • Working of the Right Brain & Left Brain

    To some extent, it can be said that the left and right brain has totally opposite characteristics. The right brain processes images and data at a high speed subconsciously.

  • Enhancement of the Thinking Process

    Heguru promotes the development of the right brain and the left brain to their full extent, so growth can be fastest when one is young.

  • Increasing Child’s Potential & Intelligence

    Heguru students’ IQ distribution (age range from preschoolers to sixth graders, some which are handicapped).

Give your child a chance to realize his or her hidden talent

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What Parents Said About Heguru

“Jien Juen started Heguru programme since he was 2 years old. Heguru provides a fantastic programme that helps Jien Juen a lot in education, concentration & observation. He started his cup stacking sports at the age of three and six months old. His performance was fabulous during the World Cup Stacking Championship which was held in Jeonju, South Korea. He won 4 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze medals and more importantly he broke 3 world records.

His achievement has brought glory and pride to the country and school. The pride of the success is not only for his hard work but also due to Heguru training that had enhanced his brain, eye and hand coordination. The cup stacking coach was impressed with Jien Juen with his fast learning and memory ability. Jien Juen remembers the commands and steps given with only one demonstration.” ~ Jien Juen’s Mother.

Chow Jien Juen

10 years old (Joined since August 2009)
“I came here in 2012 to visit. Imran started at the age of 10 months in Infant category. I realized that there are a certain method and speed in teaching the kids, not just simply flash the cards. I also learned from the teacher. They are very well trained, the speed and how the cards flashed from back to front is not easy. The benefits of attending Heguru so far is the memory is very good for the age of 2, be able to recognize all vegetables, colours, numbers and others. He also able to recognize all the vehicles; he only performs when he wants to perform. Heguru has a very holistic teaching approach about arts, artists, and geographical location.

When he went to school, the teacher said his mathematics is very good, and I also send him to other mathematics class to keep him occupied. The teacher was very surprised that he can view the 3D modelling easily. The most important thing I realized in Heguru is, they also teach about moral values indirectly in the programme and also teach the kids to behave politely.

This journey of learning is not only for the child but also benefited us as a parent. I tend not to lose my temper so fast and be calmer.” – Imran’s Daddy

Syed Muhammad Imran

9 years old (Joined since Mar 2013)
“Jeng Yiu started Heguru programme in August 2018 since he was 18 months old. We sent him here following the footsteps of his elder brother, Jeng Hei; and we were quite worried about his behaviour in the class knowing that he is more of the 'rebellious' type and hardly sits still most of the time. Our worry was justified as it was a challenge to keep him focused on his Sensei during the class. He was always cranky in the class. Things changed after about a year later in Heguru. We see him be more disciplined and focused in the class and was able to get through classes without many problems. He gradually seems to be looking forward to the classes as well. At home, he simulates Sensei's teaching with the abacus, and sings the catchy "addition song".

Now in the Toddler Class, his favourite session is Peg Memory. He practices on his own at home too and looks forward to that session every time in class. We noticed he has good memory recalling flags of countries and recounting events that he had experienced. We hope to see him being confident in expressing himself as he grows older and acquiring the necessary skill in presenting his thoughts in future. We believe that Heguru had given him good learning exposure!
~ Chan Jeng Yiu’ s Parents.

Chan Jeng Yiu

4 years old (Joined since 2016)
“It was being recommended by few of my friends and most of them gave good feedback on this programme, therefore I wanted to give my child a try.

My boy started when he was 7 months old, he was able to recognize colours and shapes at the age of 2, then slowly car logo before the age of 3. It was amazing. This year, he's turning 7, I do not need to worry on his school homework, Chinese spelling, English spelling or even Malay spelling. He could study by himself and memorize them within a short time.

While my second child, Leevern had started with Heguru when she was 6 months old. She's now 18 months and can sing most of the nursery rhymes that she listened before.

Heguru had helped them a lot. Both of them are very good at communicating with us at their very young age. They could learn things very fast and able to listen to instructions well. Besides, they have a good memory which I think it's important in the learning journey. Overall, I feel that they are matured at their age. Thanks to Heguru, my kids enjoy learning in Heguru programme.” – Leevern’s Mom

Leong Leevern

1 year old (Joined since Apr 2018)
“Pei Shern joined Heguru since 9 months old. He really enjoyed the class very much. He particularly likes flash cards and abacus sessions.

He has shown a tremendous progress. For example, at the age of 2, he is able to count from 1 to 100 in both Chinese and English, recognize shapes, colours, animals including days and months of the years. He also able to recognize simple English words.

I believed Heguru has helped to accelerate his learning development through the right brain enrichment classes. My family members are very impressed with how fast he learns and remember little things that we have taught him.” ~ Pei Shern’s parents

Thye Pei Shern

2 years 4 months (Joined since May 2015)