Thian Xi Le

We believe the right brain development should be started at early age. Hence, we attended few trial classes for similar programs. At last, we found that Heguru methods cover all aspects and most important Heguru encourage the interaction between teacher and students.

Thian xi le testimonyAt 2 years old, Xi Le learned very fast and amazed my family member as she is able to recognise number from 0 to 9, alphabet from A to Z. She also able to say out more than 30 Chinese words in a set of flash cards. She even can sing few children songs by herself.

Xi Le is enjoying classroom learning interaction with people. She is curious about everything, and always want to know or learn what is happening. She is able to understand and follow the instruction well.

Favourite sessions are linking memory, interactive activities and flashcard session. For example, students are encouraged to choose the colour card, guess the object location by themselves, and etc. These activities also discipline the student to follow queue, encourage the student to think and make choice by themselves. With flashcards session, children can be exposed to various information at their early age.

Heguru program emphasises on memory training which I think it will help Xi Le’s future learning. At her age now, she absorbs whatever information that she received. We believe Heguru programme has built a good foundation for her.”

~ Thian Xi Le’s parents