Raja Athira

“My daughter was a shy girl and dared not talk to strangers. When I enrolled her, I hoped this programme would help to stimulate her brain, and to open her heart to accept new things that were changing rapidly in her daily life. 
Also, I wished Heguru Method could help to boost her memory skill thus making her future learning easier.

After one year at Heguru, the most obvious changes are her memory and reading skill. She loves to learn and is able to absorb new things very fast. She is able to remember new words, song lyrics and dance steps.

raja athira heguru testimonyWhat I am most impressed is that she has become very out-going, braver and dares to present herself in front of other people. All my hopes and wishes for my daughter have been realized by the Heguru programme.

My daughter enjoys the super flash-card, dots cards, number linking memory and music. Heguru methods are actually bringing my daughter from being good to better, and from best to excellent in both academic and extra-curriculums activities. I highly recommend this programme and I hope parents are aware of the benefits that are proven by Heguru to bring out their children’s maximum potential.”

~ Raja Athira’s mother