Lee Yu-Q

lee yu q testimony“Very impressed with this program when first met the centre through the baby fair. Strongly believed that the soft skills development should begin when first born into this world. Unfortunately, many people have misunderstood it and have a wrong perception that it is too young to start and teach or let the children expose on words, general knowledge and etc.

Regardless of the negative comments or feedback from the family members or relatives, I insist on bringing my both children for the class since 9 months old.

The progress and improvement are considered their intangible asset and weapon. It is immeasurable and differs with each other. The skills are developing now is for better future. It might unforeseen now but definitely yes in the future. Whether it shows in their ability of study or learning environment, personal development skill (IQ and EQ) and even social relationship life. As for Heguru, persistency, consistency, tolerance, and resourceful especially skillful teacher together with the methods, all of these are their essential elements. Basically, it covers everything in one goal!”

~ Lee Yu-Q’s parents