Khaw Yih Jie

Khaw Yih Jie testimony

Khaw Yih Jie with his sensei.

“Yih Jie has joined Heguru program for about 2 years. We are very happy with his progress throughout his learning journey and he shows a lot of great changes.

He used to be a very quiet and timid boy but now he becomes very proactive in the class. I am very impressed with his very good long term memory and concentration. He loves learning new things. He will read books on his own whenever he is free and I don’t have to worry about his learning.

I think Heguru program really benefits him very much. The weekly worksheet is good whereby the questions train the children’s critical thinking. In addition, the Mandara exercise works very well in training his memory. Heguru program is very effective in developing children’s brain potential and memorizing capacity. It opens his mind and builds up his outstanding personality.”

~Yih Jie’s mother