Khaw Min Chern

Khaw Min Chern testimony

Khaw Min Chern with her sensei.

“Min Chern has been attending Heguru lesson for almost 2 years. Although her improvement is not as impressive as his brother, Yih Jie, Heguru program is very beneficial in her learning and growing stages.

She can understand almost everything that we don’t even know that she is knowing it. For example, at her young age, she knows very well on how to differentiate abstract things like emoticon expression which is something that is difficult to explain.

She enjoys the lessons in Heguru very much especially the puzzle games that train the motor skills and activities on six-sense development. This is where I can see her output and improvement in Heguru.

Heguru program is a well-established right brain training program that is more trustable and it encompasses a lot of activities which help on the memory of my children. Heguru conducts the lesson in a more active way and the teaching materials are good which I am certainly like it.”

~Min Chern’s mother