Jayden Mook Jay Zhen

Jayden Mook Jay Zhen testimony“Jayden joined Heguru early this year and he has shown great improvement after joining the program. Our family has always believed in right brain education especially after we witnessed a few actual examples.

We are amazed by his knowledge and memory and this has brought great joy, pride and inspiration to the family. Heguru program helps him in his learning ability and memory. For example, he can do his spelling test without repetitive writing and practices.

Flash cards of various topics in Heguru lesson is really benefiting my child. At times, we may not know whether he understands and absorbs all the topics. But in a number of occasions, he has proved that he remembered the topics that he learnt in Heguru lesson.

With Heguru, he learns faster and absorbs new knowledge easily and we think this is really important in preparing him for his future life.”

~Jayden’s parents