Dharmesh Sairam

Dharmesh Sairam“That time I was looking for a right brain development programme for my son and found Heguru Malaysia. Then, my hubby and I visited the Puchong Heguru centre. We were excited about the benefits that the programmes offered and enrolled our son, Dharmesh 2.5 years for the toddler class.

Our favourite sessions are the flashcards and tangram module. I got him a tangram set and he does it so quickly. With flashcard method, we can teach all types of subjects and languages too. I like the mummy and son bonding time too. The positive feedback, motivation and vibes given by the teacher are excellent. It makes a child eager to go for the class.

Currently, my son is 4 years old and he is in the preschool programme at Heguru. He loves and thoroughly enjoys the sessions with the teacher, Ms Sandy. We were very glad because Heguru has really helped our son and no doubt that Heguru has taught him to be independent, attentive, focused and confident. He also can recognise words and read books with ease. Besides, the Heguru methods have helped him enhance his memory skills too. As for our son, he really loves Mathematics.

Thank you Heguru for an excellent programme and thank you to the dedicated teachers who always give their best.”

~ Mr. Janendran S.Mariapen & Ms. S.Saraswathy (Dharmesh’s parents)