Chow Jien Juen

chow jien juen heguru testimonyJien Juen just broke the record for the youngest competitor under 7 years old in the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) 2011 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championship last 26th November 2011 held in Singapore.

He won the gold medal in the event of 3-6-3 and cycle, and silver medal in 3-3-3. His family members were very proud of his achievement. The success did not only come from his own hard effort, but also because of the right brain stimulation programmes from Heguru which affect the kid in the games which need the coordination of brain, eye and hand simultaneously. The coach was impressed with his fast learning and good memory abilities. Jien Juen is able to remember the steps and command easily with only one demonstration.

Besides this achievement, Jien Juen is also the outstanding student in the kindergarten. From the comments of his instructors, surprisingly he is able to remember the sequence of the Chinese characters easily and can understand them very quickly. He obtained first place in the previous two semester examinations.

Jien Juen is a very disciplined boy at home too. He finished his homework and then practise cup stacking automatically. He arranges his toys neatly and returns them to the original place without further delay. What surprise his parents is Jien Juen is interested in golf! He watches the golf tournament and would like to follow his father to go golfing. The parents feel pleased and glad that they have a son that makes them proud. They will continue the Heguru programme and have even enrolled their second kid with Heguru.