Ang Jing Nee

Ang Jing Nee testimony“Jing Nee has joined Heguru program for years. We were amazed by the speed, depth and breadth of the program. We believe it would be good to expose the children from young to a variety of knowledge especially those subjects which are rarely introduced in school or at home. Lots of creativity were embedded in the activities or materials to draw children’s interest. The program also encourages children to be courageous in making choices and keep trying their best.

Jing Nee is relatively reserved at the beginning but she has made progress continuously at her own pace. She is building up confidence little by little and becoming more independent in the class.

Heguru program is well structured and provides a good foundation for the children. Through the program, we look forward to witnessing our children’s development and enable them to flourish in their own ways.”

~ Jing Nee’s parents