What Parents Said About Heguru

Thian xi le testimony
Thian Xi Le
Age 2, Joined Since September 2015

We believe the right brain development should be started at early age. Hence, we attended few trial classes for similar programs. At last, we found that Heguru methods cover all aspects and most important Heguru encourage the interaction between teacher and students.

Thian xi le testimonyAt 2 years old, Xi Le learned very fast and amazed my family member as she is able to recognise number from 0 to 9, alphabet from A to Z. She also able to say out more than 30 Chinese words in a set of flash cards. She even can sing few children songs by herself.

Xi Le is enjoying classroom learning interaction with people. She is curious about everything, and always want to know or learn what is happening. She is able to understand and follow the instruction well.

Favourite sessions are linking memory, interactive activities and flashcard session. For example, students are encouraged to choose the colour card, guess the object location by themselves, and etc. These activities also discipline the student to follow queue, encourage the student to think and make choice by themselves. With flashcards session, children can be exposed to various information at their early age.

Heguru program emphasises on memory training which I think it will help Xi Le’s future learning. At her age now, she absorbs whatever information that she received. We believe Heguru programme has built a good foundation for her.”

~ Thian Xi Le’s parents

Ang Jing Nee testimony
Ang Jing Nee
Age 4, Joined Since January 2015

Ang Jing Nee testimony“Jing Nee has joined Heguru program for years. We were amazed by the speed, depth and breadth of the program. We believe it would be good to expose the children from young to a variety of knowledge especially those subjects which are rarely introduced in school or at home. Lots of creativity were embedded in the activities or materials to draw children’s interest. The program also encourages children to be courageous in making choices and keep trying their best.

Jing Nee is relatively reserved at the beginning but she has made progress continuously at her own pace. She is building up confidence little by little and becoming more independent in the class.

Heguru program is well structured and provides a good foundation for the children. Through the program, we look forward to witnessing our children’s development and enable them to flourish in their own ways.”

~ Jing Nee’s parents

Thye Pei Shern testimony
Thye Pei Shern
Age 2, Joined Since 9 months old

Thye Pei Shern testimony“Pei Shern joined Heguru since 9 months old. He really enjoys the class very much. He particularly likes flash cards and abacus sessions.

He has shown tremendous progress in terms odd learning. For example, at the age of 2, he is able to count from 1 to 100 in both Chinese and English, recognise shapes, colours, animals including days and months of the years. He also able to recognise simple English words.

I believe Heguru has helped to accelerate his learning development through the right brain enrichment classes. My family members are very impressed with how fast he learns and remember little things that we have taught him.”

~ Pei Shren’s parents

lee yu q testimony
Lee Yu-Q
Age 2, Joined Since October 2014

lee yu q testimony“Very impressed with this program when first met the centre through the baby fair. Strongly believed that the soft skills development should begin when first born into this world. Unfortunately, many people have misunderstood it and have a wrong perception that it is too young to start and teach or let the children expose on words, general knowledge and etc.

Regardless of the negative comments or feedback from the family members or relatives, I insist on bringing my both children for the class since 9 months old.

The progress and improvement are considered their intangible asset and weapon. It is immeasurable and differs with each other. The skills are developing now is for better future. It might unforeseen now but definitely yes in the future. Whether it shows in their ability of study or learning environment, personal development skill (IQ and EQ) and even social relationship life. As for Heguru, persistency, consistency, tolerance, and resourceful especially skillful teacher together with the methods, all of these are their essential elements. Basically, it covers everything in one goal!”

~ Lee Yu-Q’s parents

Dharmesh Sairam
Dharmesh Sairam
Age 4, Joined Since January 2015

Dharmesh Sairam“That time I was looking for a right brain development programme for my son and found Heguru Malaysia. Then, my hubby and I visited the Puchong Heguru centre. We were excited about the benefits that the programmes offered and enrolled our son, Dharmesh 2.5 years for the toddler class.

Our favourite sessions are the flashcards and tangram module. I got him a tangram set and he does it so quickly. With flashcard method, we can teach all types of subjects and languages too. I like the mummy and son bonding time too. The positive feedback, motivation and vibes given by the teacher are excellent. It makes a child eager to go for the class.

Currently, my son is 4 years old and he is in the preschool programme at Heguru. He loves and thoroughly enjoys the sessions with the teacher, Ms Sandy. We were very glad because Heguru has really helped our son and no doubt that Heguru has taught him to be independent, attentive, focused and confident. He also can recognise words and read books with ease. Besides, the Heguru methods have helped him enhance his memory skills too. As for our son, he really loves Mathematics.

Thank you Heguru for an excellent programme and thank you to the dedicated teachers who always give their best.”

~ Mr. Janendran S.Mariapen & Ms. S.Saraswathy (Dharmesh’s parents)

Ooi Tang Xuan testimony
Ooi Tang Xuan
Age 8

Ooi Tang Xuan testimony“Tang Xuan has joined Heguru for more than a year. She was very slow in absorbing new information and she is always slow in reaction and cannot focus. For instance, it took two days for her to remember a new word. Thus, I have chosen to send her to Heguru and was hoping to improve her learning ability and critical thinking.

This program is very beneficial in improving her learning ability and developing her critical thinking. She becomes more focus, able to absorb new information, and more sociable. I am very impressed with her analytical skills.

She is now more creative and she is very good in arts and crafts. She also loves to lead and present herself. I think this program could potentially shape her brain potential and brings her a better future.“

~ Tang Xuan’s father

Khaw Yih Jie testimony
Khaw Yih Jie
Age 5, Joined Since Jan 2015
Khaw Yih Jie testimony

Khaw Yih Jie with his sensei.

“Yih Jie has joined Heguru program for about 2 years. We are very happy with his progress throughout his learning journey and he shows a lot of great changes.

He used to be a very quiet and timid boy but now he becomes very proactive in the class. I am very impressed with his very good long term memory and concentration. He loves learning new things. He will read books on his own whenever he is free and I don’t have to worry about his learning.

I think Heguru program really benefits him very much. The weekly worksheet is good whereby the questions train the children’s critical thinking. In addition, the Mandara exercise works very well in training his memory. Heguru program is very effective in developing children’s brain potential and memorizing capacity. It opens his mind and builds up his outstanding personality.”

~Yih Jie’s mother

Khaw Min Chern testimony
Khaw Min Chern
Age 2
Khaw Min Chern testimony

Khaw Min Chern with her sensei.

“Min Chern has been attending Heguru lesson for almost 2 years. Although her improvement is not as impressive as his brother, Yih Jie, Heguru program is very beneficial in her learning and growing stages.

She can understand almost everything that we don’t even know that she is knowing it. For example, at her young age, she knows very well on how to differentiate abstract things like emoticon expression which is something that is difficult to explain.

She enjoys the lessons in Heguru very much especially the puzzle games that train the motor skills and activities on six-sense development. This is where I can see her output and improvement in Heguru.

Heguru program is a well-established right brain training program that is more trustable and it encompasses a lot of activities which help on the memory of my children. Heguru conducts the lesson in a more active way and the teaching materials are good which I am certainly like it.”

~Min Chern’s mother

Jayden Mook Jay Zhen testimony
Jayden Mook Jay Zhen
(4 years 10 months)

Jayden Mook Jay Zhen testimony“Jayden joined Heguru early this year and he has shown great improvement after joining the program. Our family has always believed in right brain education especially after we witnessed a few actual examples.

We are amazed by his knowledge and memory and this has brought great joy, pride and inspiration to the family. Heguru program helps him in his learning ability and memory. For example, he can do his spelling test without repetitive writing and practices.

Flash cards of various topics in Heguru lesson is really benefiting my child. At times, we may not know whether he understands and absorbs all the topics. But in a number of occasions, he has proved that he remembered the topics that he learnt in Heguru lesson.

With Heguru, he learns faster and absorbs new knowledge easily and we think this is really important in preparing him for his future life.”

~Jayden’s parents

Gan Rui En testimony
Gan Rui En
4 years 3 months (second year in Heguru)

Gan Rui En testimony“Rui En has been attending Heguru lesson for almost 1.5 years. She becomes a strong observant and alert to any changes of her surrounding. I found this is very helpful as she will point out the things that I have overlooked.

Rui En enjoys the flash cards, numbers, peg memory and extra sensory perception activities. She has very strong photographic memory and Heguru program has improved her mathematics.

For example, she is able to count a large quantities of items by using multiplication instead of counting them one by one. This is very useful and has built up a strong foundation for her.

Heguru program has also highlighted the potential of young children to learn all subjects rather than the basic knowledge only.”

~ Rui En’s mother

Feynman Chew Shi Han
(2 years old)

“Feynman has joined Heguru program for a year. I am very happy with his improvement. At first I am actually looking for a program that could improve his memory and I’ve found that Heguru has effectively achieved this.

Feynman Chew Shi Han testimonyI am impressed with his memory and concentration. He has very powerful memorizing capacity. For example, I teach him some flash cards at home and after awhile, he can recognize all the cards. He loves the activities in Heguru lesson and I think this has shaped him to be more proactive and confident to perform himself. He is more sociable.

Heguru program emphasizes on memory training which I think it is very important for my child’s future learning.”

~Feynman’s mother

Clarisse Beh testimony
Clarisse Beh
(2 years 5 months)

Clarisse Beh testimony“Clarisse joined Heguru early this year and she has shown great improvement after joining the program. At first, she was very unsociable and fear of strangers but after attending the program for 2-3 months, she shows very positive changes.

She is very confident and loves expressing herself. Clarisse learns very fast and she is able to catch up the vocabulary that was taught in Heguru lessons easily. I think this also helps her in catching up and speaking at this young age.

My family members and friends are amazed with her learning ability. We believe that Heguru program brings benefits to her more than educational.”

~ Clarisse’s grandmother

Aleesya Sofea testimony
Aleesya Sofea
(1 year 7 months)

Aleesya Sofea testimony“Aleesya has been attending Heguru program for almost a year and I saw some great performance in her after some time. She is able to speak at the age of one year old and her ability to recognize words has amazed me and my family members.

For example, she is able to say out all the words in a set of flash cards that I’ve shown her. I have a lot of friends are amazed with her progress in Heguru and would like to send their children to study in Heguru as well.

As for Aleesya, she learns very fast and able to understand instruction even at this young age. She enjoys the lesson very much and loves to express herself especially during the introduction session on the stage. My family and I are very surprised and happy with her progress in Heguru.”

~ Aleesya’s mother

kate tee testimony
Kate Tee Kai Marn
(Age 8, joined since Aug 2008)

“Kate joined Heguru class when she was only 1.3 years old. She is excellent in academics, dancing and piano performance. She can remember her steps very quickly most probably because of the good right brain stimulation that she receives. Heguru right brain stimulation programme really helps her and keeps her learning, even the class is only once a week.”

~Kate’s mother

ji en yie en testimony
Chiang Yi En
(Age 8, joined since Oct 2008)

“Yi En joined Heguru class when he was only two and a half years old. I don’t really see the progress immediately after one or two sessions. But after 1-2 years I noticed my elder son, Yi En, has very good memory especially in numbers. He can pick up very fast on every single new method that I have just taught him once or twice.

I also received feedback from the teacher at school and they are asking what is the programme that he joined as the teacher can see a lot of improvements in him especially on his good memory. I think Heguru right brain stimulation programme helps him to memorize things in a very special pacific wise.”

~Chiang’s mother.

Adelle Testimony
Adelle Seow Ya Hann
(Age 8, joined since Dec 2009)

“Adelle has joined Heguru for about five and a half years. Adelle has a very good concentration, and also very good in number memory. She can remember all the numbers and colours for number memory and mandala.”

~Adelle’s father.

samuel yee heguru testimony
Samuel Yee
(Age 4, Joined since June 2012)

“Samuel has joined Heguru for about two and half years. Samuel has very good concentration and enjoys learning especially flash cards, number and linking memory. At the age of two, Samuel is able to recognize English and Chinese words.

Despite being the youngest in his class, Samuel is an outstanding student and his teachers are amazed by his learning abilities. I didn’t think Samuel felt stress attending Heguru class at young age. Parents need not to have high expectations and you will see improvements in time.”

~Samuel’s mother

ananya heguru testimony
(Age 5, Joined since June 2013)

“Ananya has been with Heguru Malaysia for the past two years and she is very good in ESP (Extrasensory perception) and power of memory. We are very happy with the Heguru programme because I can see a lot of improvement after she joined here.”

~ Ananya’s mother

Raja Athira
(Age 5, Joined since 2009)

“My daughter was a shy girl and dared not talk to strangers. When I enrolled her, I hoped this programme would help to stimulate her brain, and to open her heart to accept new things that were changing rapidly in her daily life. 
Also, I wished Heguru Method could help to boost her memory skill thus making her future learning easier.

After one year at Heguru, the most obvious changes are her memory and reading skill. She loves to learn and is able to absorb new things very fast. She is able to remember new words, song lyrics and dance steps.

raja athira heguru testimonyWhat I am most impressed is that she has become very out-going, braver and dares to present herself in front of other people. All my hopes and wishes for my daughter have been realized by the Heguru programme.

My daughter enjoys the super flash-card, dots cards, number linking memory and music. Heguru methods are actually bringing my daughter from being good to better, and from best to excellent in both academic and extra-curriculums activities. I highly recommend this programme and I hope parents are aware of the benefits that are proven by Heguru to bring out their children’s maximum potential.”

~ Raja Athira’s mother

Chow Jien Juen
(Age 6, Joined Since August 2009)

chow jien juen heguru testimonyJien Juen just broke the record for the youngest competitor under 7 years old in the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) 2011 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championship last 26th November 2011 held in Singapore.

He won the gold medal in the event of 3-6-3 and cycle, and silver medal in 3-3-3. His family members were very proud of his achievement. The success did not only come from his own hard effort, but also because of the right brain stimulation programmes from Heguru which affect the kid in the games which need the coordination of brain, eye and hand simultaneously. The coach was impressed with his fast learning and good memory abilities. Jien Juen is able to remember the steps and command easily with only one demonstration.

Besides this achievement, Jien Juen is also the outstanding student in the kindergarten. From the comments of his instructors, surprisingly he is able to remember the sequence of the Chinese characters easily and can understand them very quickly. He obtained first place in the previous two semester examinations.

Jien Juen is a very disciplined boy at home too. He finished his homework and then practise cup stacking automatically. He arranges his toys neatly and returns them to the original place without further delay. What surprise his parents is Jien Juen is interested in golf! He watches the golf tournament and would like to follow his father to go golfing. The parents feel pleased and glad that they have a son that makes them proud. They will continue the Heguru programme and have even enrolled their second kid with Heguru.