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Right Brain Memorizing

Creating fun stories from objects featured on sensei’s cards.
Mothers should take part too!

Flash cards

By just glancing at flashcards, the right brain goes to work. This exercise gets students to look through a series of “Super Flash Cards” with the sensei.

Instant memorizing

In only one week of training, a child’s level of information retrieval immediately improves.


Teaching materials such as puzzles are presented to the students who are encouraged to come to the front of the class to be solved.


The play of the drum introduces the children to beats and rhythm of music. Parents too will experience clapping to the arrangement of instruments.


Students are invited to play a guessing game with the “clairvoyant” sensei. Scores for correct guesses!


The Nummerskaten is a tool that helps the students with the study of numbers.

Body movement Activity

Activity outside the classroom. Children are given a chance to move around! The students have a chance to strut their stuff with sensei’s instructions.