Once your child join Heguru at early age, their right brain and potential abilities will develop. When their potential ability been develop, they will eventually able to do Hado Reading.

Hado reading is a practice of being able to understand a book’s contents by flipping through its pages.

If parents have witnessed your child or someone who understand a book’s contents by flipping through its pages. Definitely parents will be wondering and lot of question will appear in your mind, you may think it’s unbelievable and impossible.

At heguru, we know it is possible. A person proficient in Hado Reading is recognized as a person who is able “to utilize one’s potential ability.

heguru malaysia hado reading

By being able to do Hado Reading, it will help the kids to develop their incredibly genius level, and also known as “incredible genius zone” in Heguru. Once this ability is acquired, children will be given an assignment to read 10,000 books in one month. Children who achieve this goal will be eligible to join the “Ichimankai” group.

For ordinary people, “Hado reading” is very hard to believe .However in Heguru, the “Hado Reading” ability is the first step to cultivate genius abilities.

As an “Ichimankai” member, undeveloped abilities such as instant learning, instant memory, athletic ability and artistic works, will flourish.

These exceptional abilities give them confidence and flexibility within themselves emotionally and in aptitude, so that they can overcome any difficulties easily. This is the secret: “Heguru producing a large number of geniuses.”