For the longest time, Malaysians were made to believe that by nurturing the left brain will ensure future success; this was highly reflective on our national education system. If you look at previous curriculums, you will most likely see syllabuses that highlight the use of the left brain and downplay the role of the right brain. In the recent years, our national education system has gone through several restructuring; it is great to see that the government is looking into ways to incorporate right brain development in the core curriculum.

right and left brain function

What Does The Right Brain Do?

Even though many still value skills that are predominantly reliant on the development of the left hemisphere of the brain, training the right hemisphere of the brain has its benefits and advantages. A person with a well-developed right brain will have a strong imagination, better concentration and heightened awareness of their environment. These capabilities will help them master new languages, expand their reasoning skills and enhance their ability to express themselves.

Balance is always sought after; realistically, your child may use one side of their brain more than the other. However, it is important to note that even though your child may have more proficient in using their left brain, you should not neglect the right brain development. This could eventually be the biggest factor that hinders your child’s academic and professional success.

What Is Right Brain Development?

If you are a parent that is at least in your late 20s, you would probably recognise the fundamentals behind left brain training: repetitive exercises, periodical examinations and linear and systematic methods to enhance and build memory. In contrast, a right brain training program depends on visual and graphical stimulation that enhances photographic memory, visualisation skills and creative expression.

The most basic right brain training approaches are simple and uncomplicated—they are easy to understand and practised. They are built to enhance or develop certain abilities and capabilities:

  • Reading and comprehension speed.
  • The power of observation.
  • Visual fields.
  • Musical and linguistic acquisition skills and abilities.
  • Three-dimensional visualisation perspective.
  • Learning and comprehension.
  • Imaging techniques.

Why Is It Important To Start Training The Right Brain Early?

Baby brain training should start as soon as possible because the human brain is able to absorb an enormous amount of information from birth to six years of age. Therefore, your children IQ development plan should involve exposing your children to quality stimuli as early as possible. During this ideal time, your children’s brains will build a directory of information in their subconscious mind—as they grow up, they will retrieve this information when they need to.

The larger the information library, the easier your children will learn new things at the age of seven and after—even more so when they start formal schooling that encourages left brain development. Starting right brain training will also help your children have a positive attitude towards learning. It will also help them build their confidence, self-esteem and memory power.

While it is ideal to start right brain training before the age of six, it is never too late for your children. The recent restructuring practices undertaken by our national education system show that it is moving towards the incorporation of right brain training methods throughout all ages. It may be a long process but the move is something that parents should look forward to and encourage.