Our Heguru Malaysia team comprise of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who truly enjoy working with children. Most importantly, we value our relationship with the students and are committed to dedicate our passion and efforts to ensure every child at Heguru reaches the objective to unveil their genius potential.

Each instructor is affectionately known as “sensei” which means “teacher” in Japanese. At Heguru Malaysia, our teaching staff supports and applies 100% the innovative learning methods by Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL). To maintain the highest standards of teaching, our senseis undergo rigorous courses throughout the year to enhance their skills and to update their knowledge of the Heguru Method. Our sensei are personally trained and guided  by the founders of the Heguru Method themselves, Mr and Mrs Henmi.

As a sensei, our satisfaction comes from the smiles and enjoyment that we bring to our students and their parents with the Heguru Method. There is nothing more heartwarming than the beautiful bright eyes and smiles of our students that display genuine happiness while having the time of their lives during our lessons. Our aim is to endlessly support our students’ development and polish these diamonds in the rough, so that their futures shine bright with Heguru Method.