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Japan’s largest right brain training and development school for children, Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) is proud to present its first overseas Heguru Centre within the heart of Kuala Lumpur – offering a golden opportunity for every parent to unleash their child’s true potential through an extensive, uniquely-designed brain enrichment programme.


About Heguru

The Leader in Right Brain Development

Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi are a husband and wife team and founders of Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) – Japan’s most ground-breaking right brain training technique for children. Effectiveness of the programme and the remarkable success of Heguru Method students received extensive media coverage and widespread attention from parents and their children to enroll in its only centre in Tachikawa, Tokyo. The Heguru Method had impressed the Japanese Education Ministry so much that the technique was incorporated into the Japan Aviation Academy HEGL Junior High School in 2006. Ruiko Henmi was also named one of the “super teachers” of Japan. This innovative approach of high-speed data processing, photographic memory retention and enrichment of creativity can be moulded at the tender age of 6 months up to 12 years old.

early childhood education Center

early childhood education Center

 What is the HEGL Method?

Studied and rigorously developed by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi for more than 30 years, this effective early childhood education technique focuses on capitalizing on a child’s ability to absorb information as opposed to the conventional approaches of teaching.

A child’s first few years in school are the most crucial. When their ability to receive and adapt to knowledge is tweaked to the highest possible level, they are able to adapt seamlessly to any aspect of learning in different environments.

The key to this success is “Right Brain Development”. At Heguru, these methods are refined on a daily basis and are aimed at increasing fundamental skills as early as a child’s prenatal or infancy period. Training the “Right Brain” allows a child to develop various cognitive abilities at their own remarkable pace.

Other than conditioning the children to attune to creativity and knowledge, Heguru also aspires to nurture positivity and goodness of hearts within them. Ultimately, Heguru aspires to foster a future generation that is able to lead and give back to the society.