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Every Child is a Genius with Heguru

Japan’s largest right brain development school for children, Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) is proud to present its first overseas Heguru Centre within the heart of Kuala Lumpur – offering a golden opportunity for every parent to unleash their child’s true potential through an extensive, uniquely-designed brain enrichment programme.


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What is the HEGL method?

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Heguru Method

Our Heguru Programmes      Give your child a chance to realize his or her hidden talent

  • Creating fun stories from objects featured on sensei's cards. Mothers should take part too!
  • By learning about those of differing social, cultural and religious perspectives.
  • Parents can help children stimulate brain capacity and mental connection where data is sent to the right brain in large volumes at a high speed.
  • As the right brain progresses, the left brain is also trained to accompany its functions.

Benefits of Heguru Programmes      Give your child a chance to realize his or her hidden talent

Love and Affection

In Dr. Paul Mclean's evolutionary triune brain theory, he proposed that the human brain was in reality three brains all rolled into one.

Working of the
Right Brain & Left Brain

To some extent, it can be said that the left and right brain has totally opposite characteristics. The right brain process images and data at a high speed subconsciously.

Enhancement of the thinking process

Heguru promotes the development of the right brain and the left brain to their full extend, so growth can be fastest when one is young.

Increasing Child's Potential & Intelligence

Heguru students' IQ distribution (age range from preschoolers to sixth graders, some which are handicapped)

What Parents said about Heguru      Give your child a chance to realize his or her hidden talent

What’s New      Latest news & events of our schools

The truly Heguru Malaysia Super Star!!!

Heguru Malaysia’s little ambassador, Chow Jien Juen, (Age 10, Duration with Heguru Malaysia 8 years, since 2009) has made us proud again with his recent success in the Cup Stacking competition. In March 2017, he had participated in…
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heguru malaysia team building 2017

Heguru Malaysia Team Building 2017

For the year 2017, Heguru Malaysia had organized a team building at Skytrex, Shah Alam on May 8 and 9. The event has taken place successfully with the participation of all Heguru Malaysia centres which are Mid Valley,…
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